Photo Gallery 7

Sergeant David Gilbert Scott served in RASC ( service no. 178402 ). He was captured in Greece in April 1941 and held initially at Camp Corinthian. From August 1941 to August 1942 he was resident at Stalag 306 ( XVIIID ) in Marburg, German occupied Yugoslavia, where he rejoiced under the title "Gefangenenummer 5335". He then spent a couple of months at Stalag XVIIIB in Spittal in Austria, and then the winter of 1942/3 at Oflag IIIC at Lubben in Germany. He was moved to Stalag 383 in April 1943.  It is believed that he was part of the forced march out of Stalag 383 at the end of the war. He was repatriated to England, arriving on 13th May 1945.


Information and photos were kindly provided by his son, Mike Scott.

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