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Sgt. Fred Jeanes


Information from his son, Michael Jeanes

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Sgt. Fred Jeanes was wounded whilst driving a lorry near Dunkirk. After recovery in a German field hospital he was transferred to Stalag VIIIB and then to Stalag 383, Hohenfels in Spring 1943.

He died in May 1994.

Recently, Michael's sister found one of several photograph albums that he had brought back from the war, featuring views of 383, sports days and numerous stage productions, all with his handwritten titling.

They also found an RAOC cap badge, beautifully carved on a camp bed board, several battered copies of the camp newspaper " Barbed Wire " and a few official, censored postcards sent home from the camp.

They also have a framed caricature of him, in uniform, painted by W. Thomas, dated 3/9/44.

They propose to present the carving and a print of the painting to the RAOC museum in the near future.

I am adding the photos in the sheets they were on to maintain the titling in Fred's own handwriting.